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Au Revoir Josie!

Sadly, last week, we said goodbye to Josie who is moving to France. On Friday, we had a leaving party in class with lots of games and dancing! Thank you to those parents who contributed snacks.

We wish Josie the best of luck at her new school and hope she keeps in touch!

All hail Macbeth!

On Friday, we were treated to an excellent performance of Macbeth by the Young Shakespeare Theatre Company. It was an engaging and realistic retelling of the play and the children were given the opportunity to participate at various points throughout the show.

For the next few weeks, the children will be using this as a stimulus for their writing, starting with a descriptive setting of a heath - the opening scene in the play where Macbeth is first told he is going to be King by the three witches. I will be encouraging the children to use similes, metaphors and personification in their writing, with a particular emphasis on 'show, not tell'.