Welcome Back Year 6!

Year 6 have had a brilliant first week back and impressed me with their ability to settle down to work.

We have begun by revising place value in Maths, looking at numbers with up to 7 digits. Next week we will be looking at mental and written addition, including that of decimals.

We have been studying poems by Ted Hughs in Literacy. We have been delving into the meaning of some complex language to ensure the children have a clear understanding. Soon the children will begin writing poetry, focusing on including rich vocabulary such as similes, metaphors and personification.

This week in RE the children have been learning about Saint Dominic and the important work he did throughout his life-which led to him being canonized. Next week we will begin our new topic 'Loving', thinking about the different ways Christians can show their love.

In Geography the children have been using atlases to locate Russia on a world map. They then used their atlas to answer a series of questions about Russia, such as locating it's capital city and bordering seas. We will begin looking at the Russian artist Wassily Kandinsky next week.

In Science the children studied the history of the classification of living things. They looked at the seven layers in Linnaeus' classification system and then created a fact file of the Swedish scientist.

A reminder that the children will need their swimming kits in school this Thursday. Mr Simmons and Mrs Pope are able to accompany us on our walk there/back, so no parent helpers are required this year.


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