Half-term 🌞

Congratulations on completing another half-term of home learning! Hopefully this was your last week, as next week is half-term and after that we should be returning to school. Well done for continuing to stay motivated and engaged all of this time.

I hope you enjoyed making time capsules to mark this momentous event in history - perhaps you could dig them back out in the future and show them to your children one day!

May is the month of Mary and I hope you all set some time aside to plan an act of worship like Carys. Look at Molly's, Issy's and Mae's beautiful portraits:

Matthew has been looking closely at how people in his local area are helping those in need during this difficult time:

Thank you to Matthew and Molly for sharing your fantastic descriptions of Manhattan - I can see you have both worked hard at including lots of interesting vocabulary:

I know many of you enjoyed conducting the 'egg drop' experiment - I was glad to hear most of them survived the fall…

Home Learning Grid - Week Seven

Happy Friday everyone! I can't believe this may be my final 'Home Learning Grid - Week Seven' post, as the week after next is half term and then - all  being well - we return to school! I hope you are all looking forward to coming back as much as I am; I have lots of lovely and exciting things planned! If you are worried about anything though, please don't hesitate to contact me on

Thank you to those children who shared some of their learning from this week with me - every week you impress me with the commitment you show to your studies. Look at these fantastic character 'role on the walls' by Emilie, Cailin and Katie - they are so detailed and creative:

How fantastic is Issy's map of Harpenden high-street in French?!

I can also see that many of you have spent a lot of time and effort on your exhibits for the 'Ancient Egypt Museum':

These are Molly's Pyramids of Egypt. It must have taken her a long time to draw the b…

Home Learning Grid - Week Six

Good afternoon everyone,

I am posting your home Home Learning Grid - Week Six a little earlier this week as tomorrow is a bank holiday. It looks like the sun is going to shine for us so I hope you are able to get outside and make the most of the beautiful weather that is forecast.

It is evident that you have all been very busy this week by number of emails I have received. It was a pleasure reading every single one and I am amazed by the outcomes of the work set. You continue to make me so proud.

It seems many of you enjoyed creating a 3D model of your local area so thank you Mrs Goulbourne for suggesting this activity. I think you will agree, the finished products are phenomenal:

Molly used an array of different materials to create a very realistic and creative model of Harpenden - how many famous landmarks can you identify?

Niamh has used building blocks and painted lolly sticks to recreate many of the famous sights in Harpenden - if you look closely you can even see her house!