PJ day!

The children looked fantastic in their pyjamas on Friday and the school raised lots of money-we have decided we would like to do it every week!

A reminder that this Friday is our class assembly and parents are invited for tea and biscuits beforehand in the staff room. The children have been working really hard at learning their lines and are looking forward to putting on a show for you all!

Twelfth Night

On Monday afternoon year 6 were treated to a performance of Twelfth Night by the Young Shakespeare Theatre Company. The play was brought vividly to life, including the whole audience to rein-act scenes such as the storm which shipwrecks Viola and Sebastian and the party at Lady Olivia's house. The children were encouraged to explore the motives, thoughts and feelings of the characters throughout. It was a highly engaging and educational afternoon for all.

The children then used this performance as a stimulus to produce some descriptive writing about the storm scene. They were encouraged to use descriptive techniques (e.g. metaphors), vary their sentence openers, and use advanced punctuation and a range of sentence lengths in order to build tensio

Welcome to 6D's blog

What a busy start to year 6 we've had!
We have been reading 'Eye of the Wolf' in our English lessons. The children have been using this as a stimulus to produce some excellent pieces of writing. We have been focusing on using descriptive techniques (e.g. similes, metaphors, personification) to engage the reader.

In science we have been studying Carl Linnaeus' classification system. We have been looking specifically at the animal kingdom and the different types of vertebrates (e.g. birds, mammals) and invertebrates (e.g. molluscs, arthropods). This week the children explored the school grounds, looking for invertebrates. Once back in the classroom, we decided which group they belonged to based on their characteristics. Can you identify any of the animals in the pictures and classify them?

This week in maths the children have been investigating multiples, factors, prime numbers, square numbers and square roots. They then attempted to make a 'loop game' using this…